FLASH GIVEAWAY – Slow cooker, Electric food chopper & Bamboo cutting board set

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The WINNER is:

 Jennifer Rotblatt

Jennifer please email couponclipinista@yahoo.com by 12:01am et on 4/23/2012 to claim your prize. Include your address and which prize you wanted, the slow cooker, electric food chopper or cutting board! Thanks!

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  1. Julie Taylor says

    Well, I hope I’m entered. It isn’t letting me click on anything (although I already LIKE you on fb… so perhaps that’s why?

    Thanks for the chance!

  2. pam clark says

    what else am i suposed to do?? i really want to win something lol anything at this point lol plz help me figure out what else i have to do thank u!!!

  3. Guyanne Stanton says

    Thanks for the chance to win!!! I would love the Slow Cooker, as mine is on its last leg….it is a REALLY slow cooker and it did loose one of its legs. Gosh, it must be 30 years old…lol

  4. debbie b says

    great giveaway … love your site … love the recipes too follow them and cant wait to make the spring rolls :)

  5. Nicole Scott says

    I didn’t put what email I used to sign up for the newsletter..does it still count?? and I just had to share that my captcha was butrub..lol:)

  6. APRIL PECHAL says

    Liked & Shared this contest on my Facebook page so that my friends can enter this awesome contest as well. Keeping my fingers crossed that I get picked to win these wonderful prizes.

  7. says

    I could use the slow cooker. I liked your Facebook page under the name Eccentric Eclectic Woman, as that is my blog name, not Crystal Joy Abel. Thanks for the chance!!

  8. patricia gonzalez says

    Wow!! I am so excited for this giveaway because i really need to change my eating habits so i can try and have a baby!! I am 32 married 11 yrs.. IT IS TIME!! lol…
    Thanx for all the hard work you put into ur page and the awsome giveways!

  9. Meghan H says

    Thanks for the chance! I could sure use a new slow cooker…mine quit the other day after 7 years of amazing meals!!

  10. Amber says

    Wow, all of the prizes are wonderful and I would love to win any of them! Can’t wait to see how the recipes turn out!

  11. Leona Evans says

    Accidentally hit enter before putting in full email for newsletter signup. The end is bellsouth.net lol thanks!!!!

  12. Malinda Jackson says

    I could really use that food processor 😀 Got lucky and my mom got me a slow-cooker for Christmas, so i dont need one of those, but the food processor would be GREAT!

  13. Linda Bell says

    I would also choose the slow cooker. Mine has developed lots of tiny cracks and I am taking a chance every time I use it.

  14. Mary Davies says

    My slow cooker is very basic and feeling decidedly overworked, would so love to be able to replace it!! Thanks for this offer.

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