Citi Trends Gift Card Instant Win Game

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Enter the Citi Trends Gift Card Giveaway

One hundred (100) 1st Prizes: $100 Citi Trends Gift Cards
Two hundred-fifty (250) 2nd Prizes: $50 Citi Trends Gift Cards
Five hundred (500) 3rd Prizes: $20 Citi Trends Gift Cards
Two thousand (2,000) 4th Prizes: $10 Citi Trends Gift Cards

Total of all prizes $52,500

You can enter every 8 hours until Nov. 30

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    • CIipinista says

      Treila – are you trying on the computer or mobile? Alot of our links are facebook pages, and most aren’t mobile friendly yet

  1. nat nat says

    U can do it just go to search bar in fb then find citi trends. Then click on scratch game thru their page. Have a ? Tho. What does a free play mean? I had 2 10.00 giftcards and a free play and lost

  2. Rosalie Demetzky says

    Not a winner but will keep trying. I did win on SN, free shipping, 25.oo gift card and 15% off. Love the instant win games!

  3. sheena Mariee says

    thanks for sharing and the reminder! One of these days CouponClipinista, one of these days I will win an instant win game, lol!

  4. sally guenterberg says

    Every time the message pops up my first reaction is that it says “sorry you are not a winner again” instead of “try again”.


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