MobileXpression panel EARN INSTANT REWARDS: Amazon gift cards, Garmin, TV & more..

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If you have a smart phone sign up to become a part of the MobileXpressions panel. You will receive a text message when you register for MobileXpression and you will need to download the software, BUT IT IS WORTH IT! After you have been a member for a week you are GUARANTEED a prize! You can see if you qualify for this panel by clicking here.


The goal of MobileXpression is to develop a better understanding of the trends and patterns affecting the mobile Internet. Just as television uses ratings to determine which programs are the highest rated and most watched, MobileXpression uses the knowledge of its members’ mobile Internet habits to determine the popularity and importance of various mobile web sites and applications. Companies can then use this market research to make informed decisions regarding their mobile marketing strategies.
After you have been an active member of MobileXpression for at least a week, you will receive a token to be used in the MobileXpression Instant Rewards game. Remember, being an active member means that the MobileXpression software must remain on your phone and your phone must be allowed to communicate with MobileXpression. You are guaranteed a prize from their prize pool, which includes Amazon gift cards, an Apple iPad 2, a Samsung LCD HDTV and other exciting prizes. Everyone wins a prize! Don’t wait sign up now by clicking here.
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