New Years Flash Giveaway

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As you get ready to watch the ball drop and welcome a New Year, we will be hosted an awesome giveaway! We are giving away a food processor and slim fast snacks to the grand prize winner. We will be giving 10 Vintage Owl charm necklaces to ten winners (1 each). This giveaway will end at MIDNIGHT 1/1/2013!

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(1) ONE  Food Processor

(1)  ONE  Slim Fast Snacks 

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(10) TEN Vintage Owl charm necklaces




Krystal Wethington  (grand prize winner)

Vince Chrissy Rogers (necklace)

Toni D’Amelio  (necklace)

Vicky Warren (necklace)

Isis Sample (necklace)

Andrea Conte (necklace)

Donna Anderson (necklace)

Lisa Chesney (necklace)

Kathy Clark  (necklace)

Paula Holloway Chapman (necklace)

AJ Lee (necklace)

Winner(s) please email by 12:01AM ET on Jan 3, 2012 to claim your prize.

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  1. Paula Proffitt says

    Happy New Year!!! ty for a chance to win my Son is getting married in 23 days and then off to boot camp this would make a nice wedding gift!! God Bless ♥

  2. Suzanne Deleon says

    WOW!! I loved the short and sweet entry! YOU ROCK! Thanks for all your hard work this past year! Look forward to following you in the new year, 2013!

  3. anne says

    Thank you. I need a food processer soooo bad to make my baby food while she transitions to table food, then for next harvesting season! I asked Santa for one but I must have been on the naughty list :(

  4. Derelys P. says

    Thanks so much Couponclipinista. I would love to win the food processor to make shakes and the baby’s food. The hand masher I have is just not working for foods like peas ad peaches :(. Good luck everyone & many thanks again!!

  5. Patricia Collins says

    Does anyone know who won? And btw I love the short entries you have for your giveaways!! You have to jump through hoops for some !!

  6. krystal wethington says

    Hi.I was wondering if you got all my information?I sent it to you a couple different times but ive not heard anything back from you.

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