Get Free Products by Writing to Companies

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Do you have 2 minutes to spare per day? If so, you may want to be involved in my little experiment.  I have read about people writing to companies for free products in the past. I have even tried it myself with success, I receive several free products but only tried writing to a few companies and this was a few years ago. Sometimes, companies will send you free product coupons if you send them an email or physical letter addressing a legitimate complaint or compliment concerning their brand. I want to see just how many companies will send me ‘free stuff’ over the next year! I am going to email 2 companies per day for the next year and urge you do to the same. I will share my results and let you guys know what happens and which companies send what. Most of my letters are going to be complimentary letters such as; I love your product, can you send me free coupons or sample? But, if I come across a company in which I had an issue with one of their products I will be honest and write a complaint letter.


  1. A-1 Sauce 
  2. A&W Rootbeer 
  3. Abreva
  4. A.C. LaRocco
  5. Act II Popcorn 
  6. Aidell’s
  7. Airhead Candy 
  8. Air Wick
  9. Al Fresco Sausage 
  10. Aleve 
  11. Alexia Foods 
  12. Almay
  13. Alouette 
  14. All Laundry Detergent 
  15. Amy’s 
  16. Annie’s Homegrown 
  17. Apple and Eve 
  18. Applegate Farms 
  19. Aquafresh 
  20. Argo Starch
  21. Arico Foods
  22. Arizona Tea 
  23. Arm and Hammer 
  24. Armour 
  25. Armor All 
  26. Arnold Bread 
  27. Arrowhead Mills 
  28. Atkins 
  29. Attune Bars 
  30. Aunt Jemima 
  31. Aveeno 
  32. Azteca Foods 
  33.  Bakers Chocolate 
  34. Bagel Bites 
  35. Ban 
  36. Band Aid 
  37. Banquet 
  38. Barnum’s Animal Crackers 
  39. Barilla Pasta 
  40. Bayer One A Day 
  41. Bays English Muffins 
  42. Bear Naked
  43. Beechnut 
  44. Belgioiosio 
  45. Ben and Jerry’s 
  46. Benecol 
  47. Bernstein’s Italian Dressing 
  48. Bertolli 
  49. Better ‘N Eggs 
  50. Betty Crocker 
  51. Bic 
  52. Bio Nature
  53. Birds Eye 
  54. Blue Bunny 
  55. Blue Diamond Almonds 
  56. Boars Head 
  57. Bob’s Red Mill 
  58. Boboli 
  59. Bolthouse 
  60. Boogie Wipes 
  61. Boston Market 
  62. Bounce 
  63. Bounty
  64. Brawny 
  65. Breyers 
  66. Bridgford 
  67. Bright Beginnings 
  68. Brillo
  69. Brita
  70. Broughton Foods 
  71. Bubba Burger 
  72. Bumble Bee Tuna 
  73. Bush’s Baked Beans 
  74. Butterball


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  1. Tammy Isom says

    Cool .. Will have to e-mail them as well as other companies .. It doesn’t hurt to try, nor ask .. the worst they can say is “I’m sorry not at this time” lol

  2. Vicki Bonagofski says

    There was a commericial at Christmas time that I especially liked and I sent a compliment to them. They sent me some Coupons I was not expecting but gladly used.

  3. Bev Mccreedy says

    When I was I was in computer class we had to write to a company, I wrote to Popeyes chicken because I collected Popeye stuff the lady was nice enough to send me samples that were in the kids meals and some other stuff. Was greatly appreciated.

  4. Crystal Gibson says

    I would suggest you note that people use LEGIT complaints… If 5000 people write companies tomorrow and complain, they will cancel this program.. I have had more success going the opposite route, telling them how satisfied I am with their product…

  5. Donna Samuelson says

    This a great way to get coupons.I have done it for huggies and got coupons back.I did it for Danon also and they sent $5.00 in coupons. I also got $5.00 in coupons from Kimberly Clark .I write the letters by hand and mail them.Got more that way they by e-mail good luck

  6. peggy fedison says

    I wrote to JIF and told them how my family loves JIF peanut butter. They sent me 2 coupons, each for a free jar!!

  7. ashley c says

    good idea! I’ve wrote companies such as Crest in the past and they’ve sent me lots of free toothbrushes and toothpastes. I will try this too.

  8. april rigsby says

    from my own personal experiences in the past i have complained to a few companies like banguet boneless tenders i bit into one and there was a bone they sent me an apology letter and many many free product coupons, my family loves lasagna and i use prego spaghetti sauces i got all of my ingredients that day and i fixed it my husband took the first bit like always and said it don’t taste right so i tasted it and it was the sauce it was soured i contacted them told them the cost of the meal and the reimbursed me a 25.00 check plus free product coupons also an apology letter and then i got a box of little debbie cakes the chirstmas trees and not one package in the hand been sealed they sent me a 1.50 check and an apology letter. so contacting companies does work….good luck to all doing this

  9. theresa says

    i will try this too. thank you for reminding me to email some companies that rarely have coupons but i buy anyways.

  10. Heather Raineyfree says

    I love doing this. I get really good coupons every month buy emailing and calling companies. I thought I would share my favorite one.

    If you call Florida Crystals and ask if they have any coupons and recipes, they will send you coupons for FREE Florida Crystals and a nice recipe book. Last time I called, they sent me 4 free item coupons. Last year it was just one.

    These cost about $5 depending on the store you shop at. Good luck!

    Florida Crystals Corporation
    One North Clematis Street
    Suite 200
    West Palm Beach, FL 33401
    Phone: 877.835.2828 | Toll Free
    Phone: 561.366.5100 | Local & International Calls

  11. Brenda Marquis says

    I had a scrubbing bubble tub cleaner that had broken within a couple of months. I wrote to them and also included a picture of it since I didn’t have the receipt. They sent me an apology letter with a coupon for a free one and also sent 2 more coupons for free refills! Great company!

    • Aria H. says

      I had an Off! Can that ran out of aerosol when it was still half full. Emailed feedback on their website and within a day received an email and they sent me 2! free Off! coupons. Same company–Johnson & Johnson.

  12. desire says

    my mom used to wrte compony and they she get teh guy to come to the house we had 7 in family and then she get loads of free stuff have you tryed to tell them u like to try the bad tuna

  13. says

    ABSOLUTELY not complaining about your posts, please don’t take it that way. But after the reaming I got for the Perdue crap needing some codes, I am in the same boat…this sucks. I am so upset because of the name calling and verbal abuse. Not your fault, Thank you so much for your posts and help… cannot image how much I appreciate this stuff. <3 Please email me if you can! Same name, but at Thank you again…you are completely amazing. <3

  14. Tara says

    I did this with a juice company (forget who). I received a thank you for your compliments due to high volume we do not just send random coupons. However a few weeks letter I had received a $1 coupon. Never hurts!

  15. javeta acker says

    another company for those with babies and toddlers in diapers,is huggies. I emailed them about a legit complaint and not only did they send me a free product coupon for free huggies diapers,they sent me a couple other coupons for money off any kimberly clark purchase! I also had a issue with the huggies sensitive wipes and let them know,they thanked me and sent me a coupon for free wipes up to 400 count! they are a awesome company who takes care of their consumers,and adknowledge complaints and compliments!

  16. Lori Lynch says

    I have also tried this in the past and only a few companies actually sent me coupons & samples. Forget about getting from p&g they say you have to buy the paper to get their coupons.

    • Michala says

      p & g is unbelievable . i had a legit complaint with a gillette razor i bought that came in an 8 pack of cartridges and 2 of them had no blades in them. They basically told me that there was nothing they could do about it since i didnt have my receipt. i never though to check each individual cartridge when i bought them.

  17. Ashley M. says

    I just contacted Herbal Essences and Science Diet, so hopefully I’ll have some luck! Thank you for the idea, CouponClipinista! :)

  18. Shannon Lasher says

    I got this one from Juicy Juice:

    “February 25, 2013

    Dear Ms. Lasher,

    Thank you for contacting Nestlé Juicy Juice® regarding your request coupons. We welcome questions and comments from our consumers.

    Unfortunately, we do not have a mailing program for complimentary coupons or product samples. Occasionally we may include a coupon in a newspaper or magazine advertisement, in a package, or on a label. Please watch for these promotions.

    We appreciate your interest in our products and hope you’ll visit our website often for the latest information on Nestlé products and promotions.


    Beverly Watson
    Consumer Response Representative”

  19. melissa walker says

    I had a can of Starkist Tuna that had a piece of plastic in it. I emailed them and they asked me to send them the piece of plastic. They sent me coupons for free product as well as 1.00 off two. :)
    My Kindle malfunctioned. I went to Amazon and tried troubleshooting it. It didnt reset. I did their chat function and their chat person sent me a replacement Kindle the NEXT Day and instructions to return my non working Kindle back to them. I bought it at Walmart and had no hassles at all.

  20. rachel says

    guessing Ellios’ made a big mistake. how many people saw their response? And of those people, how many will run out and buy some now? just sayin’

    • Clipinista says

      I agree, I didn’t ask for a free product. They didn’t apologize or anything — it seems like this must happen A LOT because their response is so dry and automated. Meanwhile a similar situation with TGI Friday’s frozen apps and they sent me a free product coupon and didn’t even tell me they were. I had it within 2 days!

  21. Kristin says

    I have been doing this, before I saw your post actually :) Today I got 1 free Welch’s juice, 2 free Skintimate products, 1 free Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and some other stuff I can’t remember right now :) Anyways, don’t get discouraged if they don’t email you back. Many of them have sent me coupons without any sort of email :)

  22. says

    I have tried to order from for a dress that was on the cover of their ad last Sunday. When I tried to order it said out of stock, so I sent them a message via FB just asking if they could find one at any store and ship it to me. Well needless to say the item is out of stock and on clearance, but the CS rep is sending me 5 $10.00 coupons. the dress was only $28. So this does work for other items then just the usual grocery type things.

  23. veronica says

    we had to do this as a class project in highschool..lots of us got coupons n samples! been doing it ever since

  24. Tabitha Edwards says

    I have been doing this but due to school/college stopped but I have started back again ….

    Today I sent to more then two companies my mom’s sick I have the time! I got a bunch of no’s which is cool they were all compliments except for lance I sent them a message that I hated they no have a milk alert on their crackers, and can no longer eat them anymore.

    The following people sent nice messages back saying they will send coupons:

    – Dial coupon booklet (you can request twice a year)
    – El Monterey (they would love 2)
    – Chobani (you can request monthly)
    – 4C drinks (You can request additional coupons every 3 months)
    – Bigelow
    – Ocean Spray

    Getting back with me:
    – Kotex they are looking to see what they can do (since I sent a super sweet message they said)

    – Wendy’s I sent because I stopped getting coupons in the mail and they are looking into that.

    Still waiting to hear back from many others

  25. says

    I wrote Papa John’s because i ordered pizza and tried their chicken poppers and they were cold and didn’t have any taste at all was a waste of money but told them that when i want pizza i always order from papa john’s cause their pizza is great. Have not heard from them yet so dont know if they will write back or not, just had to let them know about that.

  26. Kara Leigh says

    I have had great luck so far! I have received from:
    Smart Ones
    Rimmel London (makeup, wrote a legit complaint, 2 $11 off coupons).
    Rhodes Rolls
    Blue Bunny (helped me find my fave ice cream!)

    There are a few more emails out, but am having great luck!

  27. Tara Nicole says

    I sent a few out and have only gotten either no response or responses like “we don’t offer coupons.” Thank you Coupon Clipinista…

  28. Natalie says

    We had a bad dining experience at Olive Garden. I emailed them as soon as I got home, and no kidding 30 minutes later the Manager was calling me back. She sent me a $35 gift card that arrived 2 days later

  29. Aria H. says

    I have made complaints about products I purchased, not expecting or asking for anything, to Scott bath tissue, Off!, and International Delight and received replacement free product coupons .

  30. Edward H. Reinholtz says

    I have been doing microwave foods and alot of times I will have issues for the Product I had Bought and will call the 800 number and they will send me coupons to replace the product no questions asked . I also once had a problem with an air freshener and called the 800 number and told them it did not smell like it said on package and they sent me a few coupons for free products .

  31. becky hallock says

    ive done this many many times, and usually have gotten coupons for free products or gift cards or replacement parts.

    M&M’s had a STAPLE in them, sent back the rest of the candy with staple, got a coupon for a FREE 3lb package of candy

    OREOS, some of them were put together with the outside of the cookie facing the wrong way, coupon for a FREE package

    GRACO. the two front wheels on my daughters stroller snapped off, got replacement wheels

    SAFETY 1ST (i think) the tray to my daughters booster seat broke off, sent me a replacement tray

    NUBY, two of the cups she had, the caps came off everytime she dropped them, sent back the defective cups, got replacement cups

    HUGGIES string was in the diaper which i had called a diapon (diaper/tampon) sent back the defective diaper, got coupons and a gift card in the amount of 12

    STORE BRAND MAXI PADS, some had grease or mold on them, called company found out they were EXPIRED (had just bought them) sent back the gross ones, got coupons for FREE product

    so this really does work, now mind you mine were all complaints

  32. becky hallock says

    forgot to add one thing,

    GRACO, umbrella stroller brakes broke the first time i used them, just purchased it, sent back defective stroller, got a new one

  33. Christine Morris says

    I’ve contacted shoe companies as well as for groceries. I have recieved new $180.00 clogs for work as well as new New Balance sneakers due to mfg. fault. It DOES pay to contact companies. If they want you to continue to buy their product, they will either send you coupons or free products.

  34. says

    This is great!!!! An Elderly woman that i used to take care of, used to get me to take her to the stores to do her shopping, and as i would get the items on her list she would go down the isles and see a product that she wanted to try , she would get info off the back and call all the numbers when she got home. Sometimes we would be @ the store for hours at a time so she could get through each section! Bless Her Heart She Will Be Missed!

  35. says

    I recently contacted Mcdonalds and left a not so nice review after getting near frozen fries and bacon that was hard as a rock. The next day 2 supervisors contacted me apologizing and both sent out coupons for free meals and breakfast sandwiches. I have also sent a email to Pepsi in regards to some Sierra Mist that tasted flat and smelt musty and a compliment to Puffs -awaiting their replies.

  36. heather says

    I work for Publix, a southeastern grocery store. A little known secret about us: If you are unsatisfied with a product, you can take it back there for an exchange, a return, or a store credit. If you write corporate, they will do whatever they can to make sure the issue is resolved, including sometimes sending you gift cards and coupons for free items. I have had several customers get free cakes, cookies, products, giftcards, and coupons just by writing…just an FYI!

  37. jill says

    One of the best companies to do business with is Bayer Aspririn. I had a jar that smelled funny once and wrote them. They called me personally to find out about it, sent me a postage paid bag to send back the product, sent me many coupons plus coupons for 3 free 500 count bottles of Bayer. I could only find 300 count but even they were $15.00 each. And then they emailed me later on to inform me about the finding on the product that smelled funny. I will always be their customer!

  38. Melissa Campos says

    I bought a jansport bookbag at a yardsale for 1.00 the gelpad was leaking. Sent back to jansport= replacement sent

  39. Christine J Dent-Hamilton says

    This is a great incentive for me to contact Glade about some broken items and praise purina about their products. I’d been holding off but now I can help so I’ll do it.

  40. helen sampson says

    Followed FARM RICH on FB commented on how much I LOVE their mozerella sticks and wished their fan van was going to be anywhere near me. They sent a special invite when they were comming and asked me to stop. By. When I did they gave me a “Farm Rich” recycle bag full of swag stuff and a handful of AWESOME coupons including several for FREE products! LOVED IT!

  41. Kristy Franks says

    Wrote little Debbie and told them how much I loved their snack cakes and they sent me a carton of nine boxes of their Debbie cakes it was great

  42. Betsy Hartmann says

    I do call companies when I have an issue with one of their products and have always gotten an apology along with coupon(s) for free items.

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