Free Zippo Lighter from Marlboro – first 2,500

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Every MONDAY through 6/16/13, Marlboro is giving away 2,500 FREE Zippo lighters.

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How to get one:

Those who qualify will see an offer for a FREE lighter. Once all 2,500 have been claimed for that day, the offer will show up the following Monday.

Please allow 12-14 weeks

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  1. Theresa says

    I didnt see a zippo one but I had a darts offer. Is the darts one an old one? I haven’t been on in some time.

  2. D.J. HUNTLEY says

    they say it is in the mail…12-14 weeks to ship…..hope I don’t stop smoking by then….lol

  3. Connie Gahafer says

    Got one ;0) Thanks!! Gosh what would we do without you,your the Greatest,Love all the post you do and More!!

  4. jennifer kincaid says

    i really really want these i have tried for everything u have been offering and have not recieved a single one :( begining to think its a gimic.

    • Jennifer Smith says

      I have received tons of offers from marlboro over the years (mostly shirts, hats, and the like) I got the zippo one week ago, and got in for 2 more offers I am waiting for currently…..Sorry you haven’t seemed to get in on an offer….They do go pretty quick , like i mean if you don’t get to the site within an hour or two of them putting the offer up you are pretty much sol, because the offer goes up on tons of (literally hundreds) freebie sites, and there are people who will (I know some of them) stay at their pc all day and just refresh until the new offer is up, to grab it up.

  5. El Lowe says

    Woo Hoo got the Zippo plus after got the Zippo they offered me something else also. So I get my Zippo & a Tumbler>>> Thank You

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