Alexia Frozen Potato Products Settlement

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You  can qualify to receive up to $35  or 20 FREE Product Coupons  if you purchased Alexia frozen potato products between December 6, 2007 and July 10, 2013. The eligible products are: Sauté Reds • Mashed Potatoes Yukon Gold Potatoes & Sea Salt • Mashed Potatoes Red Potatoes with Garlic & Parmesan • Waffle Fries • Harvest Sauté • Italian Sauté • Sauté Sweets and • Potato Bites.   If you purchase those products within that time frame you qualify for $3.50 cash back for each purchase or 2 product coupon, up to 20 maximum. CLICK HERE to file a claim.

How do I know if I am part of the Class?
You are part of the Class if you bought any of the included Alexia frozen potato products in the United States between December 6, 2007 and July 10, 2013.
The included products are:
• Sauté Reds
• Mashed Potatoes Yukon Gold Potatoes & Sea Salt
• Mashed Potatoes Red Potatoes with Garlic & Parmesan
• Waffle Fries
• Harvest Sauté
• Italian Sauté
• Sauté Sweets and
• Potato Bites
What is this lawsuit about?
This is a case about ConAgra’s advertising certain of its Alexia frozen potato products. The Plaintiffs claim that ConAgra falsely represented in its advertising that certain Alexia frozen potato products are “natural” or “all natural”, when those product contained the ingredient disodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate to retain the color of the potatoes.
ConAgra denies that it falsely advertised its products and denies it did anything wrong. ConAgra denies that the Plaintiffs and the Class have suffered any damages or that they have been harmed in any way. ConAgra, however, has chosen to provide its customers with a cash payment and/or vouchers for free products rather than spending additional money on costly litigation.
What does the Settlement provide?
If the Settlement is approved, ConAgra will pay up to $3,200,000, consisting of a Cash Settlement Fund of $2,5000,000 as well as a Voucher Settlement Fund of $700,000. Additionally, ConAgra has agreed to the following “For as long as ConAgra chooses to sell the Alexia products, ConAgra will use citric acid or other naturally-sourced compounds in the Alexia Products, rather than disodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate. If the Food and Drug Administration determines in the future that products containing disodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate can be labeled ‘natural,’ ConAgra reserves the right to use disodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate in the Alexia Products.”
Class Members who submit valid timely Claim Forms have the choice to receive a cash payment, vouchers or a combination of cash payments and vouchers for up to 10 Alexia frozen potato product purchases. The amount of cash or vouchers that you may receive depends on the quantity of Alexia products you purchased.
You are eligible to receive $3.50 cash (in the form of a check) for each product you purchased (up to 10 products), for a total of up to $35.00.
You are eligible to receive two $3.75 Alexia product food vouchers for every one Alexia product you purchased (up to 10 products), for a total of up to $75.00 in vouchers.
You may choose a combination of cash and vouchers for up to a total of 10 products purchased. For example, you may file a claim for five cash payments and five voucher awards.
There is a limit of one claim (for up to 10 product purchases) per household.


How do I get benefits?
If you are a Class Member and want to participate in the Settlement, you must complete and submit a Claim Form by November 27, 2013. The Claim Form can be submitted online by clicking the “File A Claim” link to the left. Claim forms may also be submitted by mail or by fax. All Claim forms must be received by November 27, 2013. Claim forms can be faxed to 507-333-4330 or mailed to:
Alexia Settlement
P.O. Box 3023
Faribault, MN 55021-2623
If you do not submit a valid Claim Form by the deadline, you will not receive any benefits from the Settlement.
When will I get my payment or vouchers?
Benefits will be distributed if the Court grants final approval of the Settlement and after any appeals are resolved. If the Court approves the Settlement after a hearing on final approval, there may be appeals. We don’t know how much time it could take to resolve any appeals that are filed.

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  1. Pam Winstead says

    ty for this information, i bye this product for the quality and all this time been being lied to…ty for the info.

  2. Alejandra says

    Yup thanks for that, we bought it because of what it didn’t have and were willing to pay the extra cost with or with out coupons because we believed in the product. This upsets us….

  3. Kim L says

    Thank you, I just asked for the voucher. I only purchased a few with coupons, because of the price. I hope this doesnt get out of hand and people lie and get greedy. I was addicted to the waffle fries lol! I wonder if the entrees will are true .. I buy those on occasion also. Consumers are lied to all the time, and the lies will continue.

  4. Antoinette Hooper says

    We have been buying these products for a few years so that our grand kids were eating healthier when I didn’t have time to cook as I would of normally. This just adds another strike for things , foods we thought we can trust.

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